So I got a teaching contract in Sweden for 2 years teaching math to a bunch of Gr. 7s.  I have just graduated from teacher’s college and this will be my first full time teaching – the first time having my own classroom! It’ll be interesting, terrifying, fun and altogether amazing =)

For those who have been asking me to keep them updated – this is where (most) of my updates will be (provided I remember!)

Feel free to bug me on facebook/email to update when (yes, when…) I get lazy and stop updating =P


What I know so far:
I have an apt. (but I have no idea what it looks like, how big it is, or anything about it really – except an address, but google maps apparently hasn’t updated the pictures of the building which has been renovated or something). My apt. is unfurnished and I have no idea how I’m going to get most of my furniture – right now we’re looking at getting a bed delivered! I will have to figure out internet and phone and all that stuff when I get there!

I leave on the 30th, right after a friend’s wedding, with my parents who each get 3 suitcases =) Combined with me, this means I have 6 suitcases (1 for my parents stuff =P) to move myself over!

I am currently trying to find a hard snowboard case to ship my snowboard over (for one snowboard!) – everything I’ve found so far has been for more than one snowboard…

I will be teaching gr. 7 Math – I know a bit more about the curriculum, but not much. We are going to be using the  excellent  resource of =)

AND! one of my best friends is in Stockholm and will be helping me extensively (whether she wants to or not!) with life in general =)

What I Have to do still…
I have to pack! I have a lot of packing to do…